Our People

With over 20 years experience in creating business, industrial, and specialty software, and in managing the software development process, our professional staff is at your service. We pride ourselves in providing solutions precisely matched to your requirements, at competitve rates.



Hilliard Johnson

Hilliard Johnson - CTO, Director Of Development Services

Mr.Johnson's extensive experience with many diverse aspects of the technology have caused him to be in demand where workable solutions to tough problems are an absolute necessity.

His success includes attracting investments for start-up companies, major data architecture implementations and migrations, heavy application and systems level programming on a very broad array of platforms and operating systems.

As well as university level research work, his experience includes manufacturing systems, major financial and accounting, device and driver implementations, and mission critical software of many types.

Hugo Valldejuli

Hugo Valldejuli - CIO, Director Of Management Services

Mr Valldejuli has spent many years as a Board Of Directors member and adviser, as well as an operating officer in both large and small corporations. His experience includes company wide IT planning and guidance, project management and budgeting, employee management, and corporate structuring of all major IT facilities and assets.

His familiarity with and ability to manage all aspects of IT organizations can assist where independent assessment and oversight is required, as well as insure liaison between our services and your exact requirements.  

Sam Lam

Sam Lam - Chief Programmer & Applications Specialist

Sam Lam is a cracker-jack applications and web programming specialist, with superior knowledge of all things UI.  His previous experience with heavyweight business applications, reporting, e-commerce solutions, database translations and migrations, add yet another dimension to our capabilities.

He has demonstrated a superior work ethic throughout his career, and his UI designs are very highly regarded for both functionality and attractiveness. 

His focus is on ease of use, modern tools and methodology, maintainability, and fitness to purpose, with additional high attention to rapid deployment.

Gail Wilkinson

Gail Wilkinson - General Sales & Support

Gail is the friendliest face in our company, and is here to assist you with sales & general questions, project updates, meeting assignments and appointments.

She has also provided desktop and general application support for small businesses, and is our ever capable representative and person of good cheer!

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